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Koch’s Homebrewers Competition 2016

Objective: To brew a Red beer 6-7%
The amount needed to participate: 15 litres
Due date: No later than 24th september. Bottles have to be labelled: product style, name and %

Judges: Kochi Brewmaster Enn Kärblane, plus other experienced brewers with fields experts
Evaluation criterias: Scent, Coloring, Aroma, Foam and Taste
Evaluation: Each criteria will be scaled from 1-12 (1-8, 10, 12)

The winner will be announced The Same Evening!
Brewers Favourite Will be Chosen as Well!

Winners product will be brewed in Koch Brewery. The winner will be involved in the brewing, labelling and design process from the scratch. Name of the person who came up with the receipe will be put on the label.

In addition, I place will receive a 300-euro dinner, II place a 150-euro dinner and III place a 100-euro dinner in Kochi Aidad.

Everyone without their own brewery are welcome to participate!

Up to 50 people, apart from the judges and competitors, can take part of the event!
EXCLUSIVE TICKETS available on sale at the END OF AUGUST!

Participants, get yourself registered via


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